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November 13, 2018 | hi-gloss | by Roberto Villazón

The survival of any brand will rely heavily on the organic stories told over time to educate, inspire, and entertain consumers. Building brand loyalty and affinity, will not be achieved through banner ads and other distribution methods that may be perceived as a sales pitch by consumers. Brands now have the arduous task of creating for both real people and algorithmically driven AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is programmatic in context. If your brand has not started creating content that resonates with its audience, it is getting left behind and potentially on a path to losing market share to creators who understand the importance of a collaborative approach to storytelling.

Benefits of developing custom content

It is unfathomable to think that brands would bypass adding content marketing to their overall marketing strategy, this should not be an option, but a requirement. When brands create original content, they control the voice and narrative of their story. Brands should strive to do custom storytelling in various creative forms and mediums. Overcoming the noise and chatter of advertising takes cultivating audiences into loyal followers. If a brand’s content is captivating, then it will give people reason to stick around for more. An engaged community will be attentive to your messaging and they are better equipped to relay your stories to their network. This creates a native and organic distribution for brand influence.

Being relatable to each audience segment, needs to be a priority. One size fits all is obviously not a good approach. If you are tracking, a data analytical overview of your target customer groups and followers will reveal the behavioral persona you should be creating for, and with. User generated content (UGC) that adds value to your brand is great, but leading the charge by creating first and have followers create derivatives is a way to control or influence the conversations.

Case study: Red Bull

When most people think of Red Bull, one of the first things that may come to mind is extreme sports. The brand feels fun and alive. Red Bull has been running one of the most effective content marketing strategy, almost since their inception. They focus heavily on the lifestyle aspect of what it means to live a life without fear and showcasing the incredible nature of the human body and spirit, always pushing the boundaries. This narrative works, because even if we are not daredevils or stunt professionals, aspiring to greatness and pushing ourselves to be better, is universally applicable.

On Red Bull’s network website, they describe as a “multi-platform media company.” Here we thought Red Bull was just an energy drink company. Furthermore, the following excerpt from their site, gives us a snapshot into what matters to their content strategy.

“Our media network provides a digital ecosystem for trendsetters and trailblazers in sports and culture to share their passions. It also provides access to new worlds of outstanding and beyond the ordinary content with breathtaking videos, inside stories and inspiring imagery that strengthen our audience engagement” —

A global juggernaut with millions of social media followers across multiple channels, Red Bull’s original content is distributed on a sleuth of smart and connected devices to myriad audience segments. Developing a loyal fan base through great content and storytelling, can easily blur the line between a sales pitch versus entertainment; either way, both the brand and their audience wins.

How hi-gloss approaches content services

We help clients evolve into effective brand publishers, creating new ways for companies to reach and engage with audiences through three content units: Content Strategy, Editorial Services, and Studio Services. The Content Strategy team analyzes all paid, owned, and earned brand touch points to define the appropriate approach for content in each channel.

The philosophy

Preserve equity: Utilize the brand intent to establish a communication platform and philosophy.

Educate consumers: Showcase the product from different perspectives, in order to expand knowledge to prospective consumers and loyalists.

Generate revenue: Compete in the marketplace, by showcasing product differentiation and product value, to support driving price and brand ancillary spend.

Build loyalty: Engage consumers at a different level, in order to drive preference beyond cost. Inspire the consumer’s decision to be made based on aspiration, curiosity and brand loyalty.

Your brand may not be into extreme sports like Red Bull, but the tenets are the same. Create content that inspires and engage your audience. They will love you back and ultimately become your co-creators and customers. What are you waiting for?

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