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What we do

We make brands shine


When it comes time to execute, hi-gloss is capable of creating names, logo designs, brand guidelines, voice, tone and multi-functional platforms. Our talents allow us to create memorable and meaningful brands that flourish across all channels.

Brand Positioning
Naming Positioning
Integrated Marketing Strategy
Brand Identity and Design
Brand Architecture
Brand Capability Development
Creative Services
Website Design


We value the audience and understand the importance of making a good impression. That’s why our approach is completely user-centric. To make an impact for our brands, we start by examining each step of the consumer journey to create purposeful objectives.

Creative Strategy
Audio, Video, & TV
Branded Content
Events & Experiential


Developing a proper and precise communication plan is essential to our process at hi-gloss. Our media strategy takes traditional research tactics coupled with cutting-edge tools and metrics to identify behaviors, motivations, attitudes and decision-drivers.

Media Design Analysis
Connections Planning
Media Planning
Investment Activation
Measurement & Optimization


We use audience insights and platform expertise to create and manage tightly defined social ecosystems. This includes helping grow and manage community presence across social platforms, building brand advocates through relationships, and creating campaigns that harness real-time marketing approaches to capitalize on cultural moments.

Social Strategy
Communications Strategy
Social Campaigns
Community Management
Media Relations
Influencer Engagement
Events & Experiential


We help clients evolve into effective brand publishers, creating new ways for companies to reach and engage with audiences through three content units: Content Strategy, Editorial Services, and Studio Services. The Content Strategy team analyzes all paid, owned, and earned brand touchpoints to define the appropriate approach for content in each channel.

Content Strategy
Publishing Management
Long-Form Editorial
Social Content
Creative Concepting
Photo, Video & Art Production

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