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RADO, Unveiling the
Le Corbusier Collection


In 2019, Rado unveiled a series of high-tech ceramic watches in homage to a true pioneer of design—the iconic Le Corbusier. The True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier pays tribute to the work of the visionary architect in a collection as innovative as the “Father of Modernism” himself.

To celebrate Le Corbusier’s color system—and to showcase Rado’s unique ability to create colorful high-tech ceramic—the groundbreaking brand produced a vivid collection of nine limited edition True Thinline watches. Each watch represents a color from one of the color groups created by Le Corbusier in his color keyboards for the Architectural Polychromy in 1931 and 1959—a color system still studied and used internationally by architects and designers today.


Unleash the power of color through a diverse landscape of engaging media channels.

Leveraging the use of vibrant and colorful campaign assets for Les Couleurs Le Corbusier, hi-gloss launched a media program focused on amplifying the videos and custom content through print, digital, and social media channels in partnership with prominent advertising outlets.

In order to activate impactful social media campaigns and engaging custom content, hi-gloss aligned the Les Couleurs Le Corbusier campaign with three tastemakers based in Rado’s three key target markets: New York, L.A., and San Francisco.

The campaign culminated with three dynamic events. The first was held at the apropos Color Factory in Manhattan featuring a tastemaker panel that discussed Le Corbusier’s color theory. The next was a shopping event at Macy’s Herald Square that included a Masterclass hosted by Elle Magazine’s accessories editor. Lastly, a celebratory luncheon recognizing women in the arts during Art Basel 2019 at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Each event offered opportunities for guests to engage with the collection and sparked organic social media interactions.


Brand equity expanded and perceptions shifted. 36 million people have seen the Le Corbusier collection online and on social media. Over 20 million have read about the collection through printed custom content and over 16 million people engaged with digital content. The events hosted 150 guests and exposed the collection to attendees in a more personal and intimate setting.