hi-gloss playlist: A beautiful blend of chaos

September 10, 2018 | by hi-gloss

The team at hi-gloss has curated a list of their all-time favorite tunes and as a collective, the list has been given the title of the most diverse and off-the wall compilation of songs you’ll ever find. With a blend of some of America’s most iconic bands and today’s most influential artists, you will be sure to experience an emotional rollercoaster, but in the best way possible; so, strap up and enjoy the ride!

The brains behind this conglomerate of obverse tunes is the entire hi-gloss team including the owner and vice president. Each department was asked for their feedback on why certain songs resonated enough to be listed in their top 10 of all-time favorites. First to respond was the account management team; surprised? “As a hopeless romantic, I could not pass up the opportunity to include songs that made you remember what it feels like to fall be in love”, said one Account Executive. “It’s a no brainer that the mystical wonder that is Prince would make my list of top 10”, said hi-gloss’ Social Media Manager. The creative team’s response is still pending.

In one instance, you will shed a tear consumed with memories of nostalgia after hearing the all-time classic “Let It Be” from the Beatles and 2 songs later, you will want to grab your imaginary microphone and perform a full-on concert set from Jennifer Lopez’s 2012 hit “Dance Again” featuring Mr. Worldwide himself, Pit Bull. This comes as no surprise as hi-gloss represents a group of people from different backgrounds with different taste in music. Just as they are able to tap into the spirits of each client they work with, they can also create a list of songs that will make you cry, smile, dance and most of all, FEEL.

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