Nuvola appoints hi-gloss as new creative agency

January 16, 2019 | by hi-gloss

hi-gloss© , independent brand strategy and creative media agency announces new collaboration with holistic software company, Nuvola.  Nuvola, which is the Italian word for cloud, optimizes hotel operations while achieving the highest standard of guest service management through a single cloud-based platform.

hi-gloss© will collaborate closely with the agency to provide creative services in the areas of marketing and brand strategy. The team at hi-gloss© is commissioned to highlight the platform’s strong points through the development of several marketing materials to support the company’s efforts to expand and implement their platform in hotels throughout the US and globally. The software provides an immense amount of services including the ability to monitor guest behaviors, which in turn allows the hotel to cater to the preference of each guest, with each stay.

“The hospitality industry was in desperate need of a system that connects the guest experience with staff in real-time and Nuvola has been able to accomplish that with a platform that is not only accessible but extremely user- friendly,” says Carrie Copeland, Vice President of hi-gloss©. “With technology influencing how we communicate today, we look forward to showcasing how Nuvola’s capabilities will improve the landscape in which guests interact and experience hotels as a whole.

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